The Socialbillboards is a great new product that helps brands encourage its users to engage in the social space through Instagram. The content filter help in ensuring that relevant and quality content is shared with users. This helps in creating a positive brand image and experience. It also has interesting features which helped restaurants like us beam our own promotional content our screen and keep customers engaged.The product will definitely go a long way in creating more interactions with the customers and encouraging users to create more content for the brand. Keep up the good job!!

Nikesh Lamba

Co Founder - Double Roti


Double Roti is a trendy contemporary cafe serving a combination of Indian and international food. Located in the heart of Chennai, India, the quirky bistro serving great food in an upbeat ambiance has become a cool hangout joint for millennials in the city. There was plenty of chatter about the restaurant online on social media. Customers were already giving the restaurant great reviews through their Instagram and Twitter updates. The problem was that these stories die and gets lost in people’s crowded newsfeeds. The challenge was to leverage all this content for good and use it to the brand’s advantage.


Double Roti being forward thinking with their marketing strategy, wanted something truly out-of-the box. In April 2016, we partnered with Double Roti and gave them just that. While the brand saw their in-store TV screen as just another ‘must-have’ item for a restaurant, we saw that as an opportunity to engage with customers. Boom! We turned their in-store TV screen into a live social engagement platform.

Exposure on Instagram:





Thanks to the moderation feature, the screen was non-polluted and kept noise-free from inappropriate content. Apart from creating an in-store buzz, the Social Wall also influenced customers’ purchase decisions. The screen turned into a dynamic ‘menu’ filled with delicious pictures of food served at the restaurant.


The screen featured user-generated content in real-time creating in-store buzz adding to the great ambiance of the restaurant. The screen served ‘ads’ generated by the brand’s own customers. These ‘ads’ reached 152965 people with 190484 impressions on Instagram. This content was re-served to customers at the store instead of dying organically online, connecting the online digital world with the offline physical world. Our Social Wall served ‘customer-generated ads’ to an average footfall of 250 people per weekday and 1000 people over the weekend creating a great in-store experience.

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