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Choose the package that fits your needs

Operate your own displays, or opt for Fully-Managed solution where we run the entire show on your behalf.

Fully Managed Solution

We’ll let you focus on running your business. Plug into our agency, we’ll run the show, including content creation, campaigns and Display management. Contact us

Event Daily Plan

Best for events, concerts, conferences which require signage on a day basis.
Starting at $300/DISPLAYS
  • Event contract based.

Monthly Plan

Best for small businesses, restaurants, bars, etc.
Starting at $99/DISPLAYS*
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription model.

*Save 10% when billed annually

Enterprise Plan

Best for enterprise level businesses with a large network of Displays.
Custom pricing*
  • Enterprise customers enjoy more advanced tech features.
  • Annual contract based.

*depending on the number of displays

Advertising Display Network

``A Marketplace for Media Owners to manage and monetize their screen inventory, and for Advertisers to target audiences of interest with visual content across a network of displays``
  • BYOD, plug it into Parllay network and start monitorizing your media.

Social Billboards Device

Purchase the Social Billboards device stick to power each of your screens. We’ll then ship a
pre-configured device so you are ready to plug and play.

One-time cost – $99

All Packages Include

Digital Asset Manager

Upload your assets – images, HD videos, YouTube links and organise them via the asset manager.

Advanced Social Media Capabilities

Publish owned and user content from your favorite social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube.

Powerful Graphics Editor

Create stunning graphics on-the-fly for their screens using our drag and drop design templates. Choose from a plethora of fonts, colors, shapes, etc.

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